Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunday Ride

Missed the Sat. rides - so will be riding Sun. Will go up the mtn. from the DaZhi/NeiHu side (either Spider or its parallel road) - over the other side and down a bit until it connects to Helen's - that's about 1/2 way up Helen's so will go up Helen's - and then back down past the Palace. If feeling ok, go back over mtn. instead of through tunnel back to DaZhi. Heading out latest at 6am - but negotiable back to 5am if anyone interested. Easy to meet just this side of tunnel - contact if coming.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Saturday Rides

Lots of options tomorrow!

As posted below, Simon is departing TAS at the reasonable hour of 7 am. I am meeting the Bryson crew at 5 am. The Bryson ride will be the standard 100 km flat ride, returning to Tien Mu between 9 and 9:30. This is a great ride- highly recommended.

I will be heading up Helen's and across the valley to explore the New Territories on a Lucas special ride. Lucas promises beautiful scenery, little traffic, and regrouping at the top of the hills (he hasn't been riding much recently). I don't expect to be home to Tien Mu before noon. Definites: me, Peter, Curt, Lucas, Harry. Hopefuls: Dave, Ron, others?

Hope to see you out!


Saturday Feb 24 Ride

I know the epic team is heading out for 100's of KM on Saturday Feb 24 at some ridiculously early hour, but I won't make it.  I am meeting a new rider at 7:00 at TAS.  Plan to head up Helens.  Depending on weather / legs, drop to North Coast, down toward Lucas, or back home.  Thanks, Simon

Tourist who likes cycling looking for info

Hello Taipei cyclists!

I'm coming to Taiwan on a holiday in april and one of the things i'd
like to do is cycling in the hills around Taipei.
Your website was already very informative, but what i haven't found yet
is a place where you can rent bikes (road-racing or MTB's that is).
Any info on that subject is welcome, as well as extra route descriptions
and maps (i have downloaded the google earth file already). What i'd
like to do are loops starting in or near Taipei of max. 70km.
If their's anybody that wants to accompany me on these rides (in the
period of 10-14 april) feel free to contact me as well. I'm not looking
to go racing though, just enjoy the scenery and climb at my own pace.

You can send a mail to:


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Friday Ride

Listening to the rain last night, I wasn't sure I'd get up and out this morning, but I ended up meeting Rock and Michael for a few intervals; as usual, I was glad I got out.

Bill is going out at 6 tomorrow for an easy recovery ride. I'm meeting Peter for a 101 loop at 7 am from school. All welcome!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thursday Ride

It was a bit wet this morning, but Ron, Chris, Chris, Rock and I defied the Bryson text cancellation and rode the 101. We finished up with a nice Starbucks coffee in Tien Mu and plans for some intervals tomorrow morning. We're meeting up at the bus circle at 5:15. We'll swing down by Blockbuster for a warm up down by Takash and then we'll do a few repeats on Horse Stables. We should be home before 6:30.

I may take Friday off, but I'm excited for the Lucas epic on Saturday. Harry has now signed on. Lucas says if it's raining, we'll have to change the route, though- our tires will slip out on the incline... I think the Saturday Bryson ride is going at 5 am again, so I may just meet up at TAS then. Curt and Peter will be the final arbiters of time. More to be posted tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wednesday Ride

It was a bit too rainy for me this morning. I know that Rock made it out and said it wasn't actually that wet...

I'm planning on the 5 am Bryson ride tomorrow from TAS. I know this ride is usually weather dependent, but unless it's pouring out, I think I'll be there- perhaps not on the new bike, though...


Monday, February 19, 2007

Tuesday Ride

Great spin today- ten out for the 101 climb. My legs are toast, but Mick assembled my new bike today, so I'm going out for a very easy Reed Point spin tomorrow morning with Rock and Chris. I'll swing by TAS a little after 6 am to see if anyone else is out- I'll aim to be back by a little after 7.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Biking Routes, Google Earth, Pics with Friends at Waypoints

Hi all,

I'm attempting to map out every ride, every waypoint, altitude profiles, etc. - a sort of "Northern Taiwan Biking" guide. Thought it would be fun for you to contribute if you wish - simply, you could take your camera on rides (for non-weight-wennies, anyway) and snap a shot of your group - then send it to me with the names of the folks on the ride. This serves 2 purposes - it's fun and, if you show the waypoint in the background, you'll be helping new folks find the location. This is all easier viewed than explained - so I invite you to look at the site below - in particular, view the Google Earth file for the "All Routes" row. Each waypoint in Google has a website link attached to it - the best example so far is the "Satellites Top" waypoint - click it and see 8 or so of us at the top of Satellites...

Also, we're going to have to name one of the waypoints after our mentor Bill O'brien! So far, he's taken care of naming some of them after friends - let's find one for him before he leaves and immortalize him.

p.s. suggestions for the site welcome

Re: Monday, Feb 26 Ride


For Monday, Feb 26 - If the weather is OK, I plan a longer ride from Tienmu through Danshui to Jinshan, then over Jinshan hill.   May adjust dependent on weather.  Just back from 2 weeks in the US, so not a fast pace.  Meet at TAS at 7:00.  Thanks, Simon Moore

Monday Ride

Marcus, Kaight, Bill, Curt, Dave and I spun up to Helen's this morning for a recovery ride. Bill and Kate said they counted 19 riders at yesterday's ride. Bill confirmed the plan for Wednesday- do it all again at 5 am from TAS. Curt and I continued over Helen's to meet up with Lucas. Lucas was out for five hours yesterday scouting out Saturday's route. He claims that the gradient in places will be very steep.

I'm meeting Bill, Kaight, Marcus, and Curt tomorrow at 6 am for the 101 spin. I will be back in Tien Mu by 8 am.

It's looking like Saturday's epic will start at 5:30 from TAS. Peter, Curt, Lucas and I are definites. We'd like other company.

See you out there?


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sunday Ride

Great ride this morning- 16 or 17 riders showed up for the spin out to Jinshan. According to Bill, that's a new record...

I'm meeting Bill tomorrow morning at 6 am at TAS for a spin up Helen's. I'm hoping to run into Lucas up there, but I'll probably be back to Tien Mu by 9:30 or so.

I'm looking to do a mellow Elspeth's Hill or Reed Point Monday, maybe a Saddle ride Tuesday and then a repeat of the 5 am Bryson Jinshan ride Wednesday morning. I'll post a ride time for Monday/Tuesday sometime tomorrow.

See you out there?


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CNY Riding & March North Coast Race

There were 13 riders out on the Bryson Ride this morning- a new record!

A number of riders are here over CNY, so please feel free to post your planned rides here (see this prior post for how to post). For me, I'm joining Saturday's Bryson 100 km departing from TAS at the ungodly hour of 5 am. I may climb over Jinshan rather than return along the coast.

I will be riding regularly through the week, and I'll post my rides a little in advance. I'll probably stick to mornings for the most part.

My big CNY ride will be a week from this Saturday with Lucas and Peter. I'll post more details closer to the day, but I think it will be 6+ hours out in the New Territories (on the other side of the valley). Should be fun...

If you're interested in racing in the March North Coast Race, registration closes at the end of the month. Get your 500 NT into Sean at the Giant shop ASAP. Here are two maps that were recently posted at

See you out there!


Monday, February 12, 2007

Miscellaneous Riding Notes

Sorry for the dearth of postings this past week. No excuse, really...

Unhappy with his Giant, Chris found a new mount on last weekend's ride.

Last Sunday, I got out on the coast ride with Dave, Land, Chris, Curt, and Harry for a pre-North Coast Race practice spin. The discussion turned once more to designing a jersey for the Yangmingshan riders; Harry has some new ideas- more to come...

Wednesday's Bryson Ride again gathered ten riders for the 5 am start from TAS. We now have another Chris along to join the three Bills. This is a great ride. We're back in Tien Mu before 6:30- all are welcome.

Leon and I headed joined the Columbus Team for the hill climb Team Time Trial yesterday (I know, I had never head of one, either). The ten teams of nine departed every three minutes for the 25 km ride.

Team Time Trial profile.

The team score came from the top six riders' times. The very powerful e-Ma team took out overall honors, but Columbus Team finished just behind. I would highly recommend this ride if it is held again. Photos, results and information (all in Chinese) are available here.

Leon powers the team in to the finish.

Team Columbus takes second overall.

In other news, Craig has set up a website for information on triathlon, cycling and running events in Taiwan (and around the world). Visit the site at

An event passed along by Victor is the Shuang-Qi Duathlon on March 10th (the day before the Jinshan Marathon). Registration closes March 1st. Check out the event description here on

Looking for a challenge? Big Joe emailed to report that the Satellites have now successfully been ridden on a single speed. From what I hear, it wasn't pretty, but there was no stopping til the summit...

And finally, I'm putting together plans for Chinese New Year riding next week. I will be sending around emails this week to organize the longer rides, and I will post the results here. If you would like to be included in the email deliberations, drop a note to the disposable email address

See you out in the hills!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sunday Ride

I'm meeting Chris, Mike, Curt and Dave at TAS at 6:45 Sunday morning. We'll head out along the coast and climb up from Jinshan. We should be back in Tien Mu by 10:30ish.

All welcome.