Monday, December 31, 2007

Moore Family's Tri Party - Huge Hit

Car, Kaight, Joe, Julie
Chris, Bill

Victor, Curt, Jody, Dave

Lucas, Leon

Well, if you missed Simon and Ingrid's Tri party, then I'm here to make sure you don't next year. This annual event brings together everyone in our cycling, swimming, and/or running group. Without counting there were 50 there or so. Everyone brought a dish to pass. That was the most incredible display of dishes I've seen in a long while. Everyone out-did the next guy. The desserts were professional looking and fat/sugar free(yeah, right) - absolutely to die for(my favorite was the cheese cake - USA-style cheese cake - I controlled myself and had only 3 pieces). I hadn't had lasagna in a long while - and it was a good one. Simon's stick-a-name-tag-of-a-famous-athlete-on-your-back-yes/no-guessing game was a hit. It only took me several hours to guess mine - Eddy Merckx. The joke of the night was Lucas trying to guess "Bill O'Brien" on his back - he, of course, got it after putting together clues like "top amatuer rider", "club leader", "always behind Lucas on climbs" - ok, maybe some of these were made up by this writer but you get the idea of what was going around. So, a HUGE thanks goes to Simon and Ingrid for the hospitality in their spectacular home. Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

YMS Challenge - Beautiful Weather

David P, Bill B, Chris, Kaight(aka Leon), Bill F, Markus(aka Carl), Dave, and the real Carl were all at the last rest stop together before heading off to ascend Satellites and Buffalo Meadows. Carl met us on the way down Helen's with his son Carl (is that 3 Carls now?). They took some awesome photos(all photos). We had an awesome day. Curt and Nate missed the part about this being a challenge ride and their testosterone kicked into high gear on climb one - so, we let them go bye-bye. The day started a bit cool - but absolutely no complaints - especially from what I hear about last year's yucky weather. No rain. The weather just kept getting a bit better the whole day. By the time we hit the top of Helen's from the back, it was perfectly clear and warm. Riding time it took us somewhere between 4 and 4.5 hours - add about another 1hr for eating, talking, drinking at the rest stops - it made for a good 5-6hrs out and about. The ride itself is about 74km - by the time you ride down from the finish and home, you probably rode about 85km like me. Oh, and climbed maybe 23000m (maybe Bryson can get a more exact figure). The timing chip in our sticker enabled the organizers to print out and laminate a nice certificate with stats right there at the finish line - nice touch.
See you next year.

Jody Climbs Helen's on First Try

First, a little athletic historical context before I tell you my wife just climbed Helen's(FongGuiZui) without stopping - oops, I gave away the punch line. Back when she was in grade school in Taiwan she once pulled up and intentionally lost a running race - reason: if you win, you go on to represent your school at a bigger city competition. She hated athletics. Well, some 30+ years and 2 kids later she couldn't get the few extra lbs off just by eating well - she's always eaten well. So, 10-12 months of training, she learned to swim(deathly afraid her whole life), runs 5ks like they're nothing, stairmaster, free weights, and floor/core exercises. It was finally the right time to bring up getting her on a bike - she needed the next challenge since she pretty much dominated the club - even some of the guys were afraid just watching her do flys. Well, 2 weeks ago we went up the back of "Donut Hill" (annual opening of school easy social ride we go on), but from the NeiHu side where we live. Her first time up that she stopped twice(happens when you've never climbed in your life) - second time up, no stopps. On Sat. we finally had mom-in-law over to watch kids and that gave us enough time to attempt to conquere Helen's(600m over 6km - average 10% grade - highest grade about 15%). She did it! Holy smoke - how many of you reading this climbed Helen's on the first shot, no stops? - after only riding a bike up hill 3 times in your whole life? Oh, and she did it on a comfort bike that weighs no less than twice what our fancy bikes weigh - tennis shoes, no clips, no standing possible. It goes without saying, if anyone dares give me any trouble, I'm telling my wife on you! Ouch for you. Dave - Jody's Husband!