Friday, September 30, 2005

Saturday morning ride

Apologies for the late notice, but a group of us are heading out
Saturday at 6 am from the TAS main gate. The plan is to return to
Tien Mu by around 11 am- the riding should be fast and hard. Planned

Out through TamSui, then up the road to the beginning of 101, carry
on down to SanJr, then along the coast and up Chin Shan but only to
the bridge, then turn round go back along the
coast, back up the road to 101, and then either carry on up 101 or go
back down and through Tam Sui.

Anyone up for a push is welcome!


China's B-Day Ride

For those interested in an experienced-level mountain bike ride, four of us will be riding the Wu Jr Shan trail starting at 7:00am Sunday morning (Oct. 1st). We will meet at the 7-11 opposite the National Palace Museum at 7:00am. Total ride time expected to be 5 hours and includes 600 meters of vertical ascent. The Wu Jr Shan trail has excellent single-track riding with moderate hike-a-bike. Total trail descending time exceeds two hours.

Hope to see you there. Mark (0935-519-259 before 9:30pm)

PS - Don't forget the cake!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Saturday, Sept. 24th at TAS

Couple of us headed out at 5am from TAS – not sure where we’re headed.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Sattelites ride - Tuesday morning

Departure from National Palace Museum 6:15 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for a short but fairly quick climb towards the satellites and onwards to Starbucks. We should be able to leave Starbuck at around 7:30-7:45.






Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mtn. Bike Ride Sunday Sept. 18 - Experienced Level

For those interested in an experienced-level mountain bike ride, five
or six of us will be riding the Wu Jr Shan trail starting at 7:00am
Sunday morning (Sept. 18). We will meet at the 7-11 opposite the
National Palace Museum at 7:00am. Total ride time expected to be 5
hours and includes 600 meters of vertical ascent. The Wu Jr Shan
trail has excellent single-track riding with moderate hike-a-bike.
Total trail descending time exceeds two hours.

Hope to see you there. Mark (0935-519-259 before 9:30pm)

Friday, September 16, 2005

YCC Riding Notes: Post rides to the blog!

Hello cyclists!

What gorgeous cycling weather! I can't believe how perfect the riding has been recently. My rides have been snuck in here and there; apologies for not posting any group rides. I did see that there is a regular 6:30 am Saturday ride heading out with Brenda Huff. I hear that Steve and Leon and the boys are planning some pushes this weekend.

I'm away to the States tomorrow morning for ten days, so I won't be posting any riding notes for a little while. Please continue to make use of the website. To post a ride, just send an email to with the post title in the message subject and the posting in the message body. To check if there is a ride heading out, visit

Have fun out there!


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Weekend Riding

Due to the typhoon, I am thinking of doing the Triple Crown ride
Saturday morning, departing at 6 am from TAS (over Helen's, along the
coast and up 101- about three hours or so at a quickish pace...). Let
me know if you'd be interested in coming- I'm still undecided.

Bill O'B

P.S. Apologies for not getting out this week. Things have been very
busy, although I've snuck a couple afternoon rides in...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Saturday 9/10/05

Regular Saturday morning 6:30 am ride. Route/s and pace to be
determined, depending on weather conditions and riders. One route may
be to Four Corners via Peitou. Other route/s may be along bike paths.
Y'all are welcome to join us. Brenda Huff

Sunday, September 04, 2005

YCC News: Interested in a duathlon? Sign up today.

Hello cyclists-

Message from Craig Johns:

Jinshan Duathlon.


Distances are 5km run / 40km cycle/ 5km run
24th September 8am start (7am check-in)
Howard Resort Green Bay


5 people have already entered with me. I will send the entry form away on Monday 5th September. If you wish to enter please email me the following details:


Date of Birth
Cell Phone Number
Email Address


And bring NT$700 to the TAS aquatics office please.


Craig Johns
TAS Aquatics

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday update and Sunday ride

It was another beautiful Saturday morning ride. Steve S., Steve R., Claus, Jesper, Leon and I headed out to Damshui and up 101 where we met Peter for a spin down to Starbucks and a couple lattes. Steve S. blasted up 101 in 28:18, just off his record and Steve R. set a PB with 29:05 (must have been due to that stretching...). Others set marks to beat for the future!

I'm meeting Craig at 1 pm in front of TAS Sunday for a very leisurely ride out past the Palace Museum towards Helen's. I expect we'll turn around at the ridge past Psycho Squirrel Bridge. Please feel free to join us.

Keep spinning!

Bill O'B

Friday, September 02, 2005

Sunday bike (9/02/05)


Does anybody biking to Yang-Ming Mountain or any places every Sunday morning
at 6:00am?

I'll love to meet you in front of TAS, thanks!

See you soon!


Sat. 6:30 ride

A mixed group of 4-5 people have been setting out from TAS most Saturday mornings at 7:00.  We are now going to start meeting at 6:30 am for various rides.  The pace is fairly gentle (9-10 mph) and we usually average around 25-30 miles each time.  You are more than welcome to join us.  Brenda Huff

Post-Typhoon Road Conditions

Hi Everyone:
FYI, for all riders - I did the 101 (Bailaka) ride this morning, and I came back to Tien Mou from Starbucks and down Cherry Hill.  While road conditions in Tien Mou, Peitou and Tam Shui were all OK (apart from a blown-down construction fence in Tam Shui which was hanging out into the road), road conditions on the mountain were pretty variable and, at times, treacherous.
In particular, as you are climbing up from 101 you should be wary of a number of mudslides and rockslides on the way up.  Some of the rocks are pretty big (no boulders, though), and there are fields of them in some places.  The mud slide is particularly treacherous, as it consists of red clay mud, and occurs on a curve on which you would ordinarily be inclined to accelerate (and which does not allow motorists to see you coming wide around the turn).  The downhill from the Ta Tuan Mountain parking lot also had a few slick areas from rain runoff and rocks of varying size that had come down from the mountain.
The road to Starbucks suffered its usual landslides during the typhoon and there is a downed street lamp near the bus area.  Most of the debris had already been cleaned up when I got there this morning, but there is also a partially downed tree which is suspended over the road like a bridge.  It looked fairly stable for now, but you may want to exercise some caution when approaching it.
I am sure that most of the slides and vegetation blow-downs will be cleared in the next couple of days.  Those of you who plan to ride this weekend, though, may want to exercise some additional caution, particularly on your downhills.
Also - anyone who may have been thinking about a ride on the Kwantu-Tam Shui bike path should reconsider, as sections of the path generall remain flooded for up to a week after any typhoon.
Ride safe,
Bill Bryson

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

YCC Riding Notes: Wet weekend or calm between storms? Watch the blog...

Hello cyclists (86 of you)!

I hear the Steves and Leon battled their way up past downed branches
for a ride to the Saddle the afternoon- hardcore cycling. Another 12
or so cyclists gathered Tuesday morning at 5 am in front of TAS-
again, it was great to see so many non-TASers out. The group split
into three different rides; I joined Alec, Dave and Craig for a flat
spin out past the incinerator along the coast. I can't say I'd want to
do that ride very often due to road conditions, smell and congestion,
but I appreciated learning a new route. I look forward to heading back
into the mountains next Tuesday morning!

I'm not sure what the weekend will hold weather-wise, but I'm planning
on meeting the speedy guys at TAS at 6:30 Saturday for a time trial of
some sorts (organized by Steve S.). I was also thinking of doing a
mellow ride out past the National Palace Museum Sunday at 1 pm with
some friends who hadn't ridden out that way before- anyone's welcome
to join me on that ride. I'll post the definite time

If you're riding and you'd like company, please consider posting to
the blog. To do it,  just send an email
to with the post title in the message subject and the posting in the
message body.

The photo below is of a group of cyclists who headed out to Damshui
this past Saturday. Ginny Ford leads the group that meets each
Saturday morning at 6 am at TAS. Anyone is welcome to join their rides.

Hope to see you out in the hills!