Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Wheels

Any advice on new wheels?  I can feel the rims worn down at the brake contact surface on my Ksyriums.
Looking at Ksyrium ES or SL3 or Fulcrum Zero or 1 - anybody with good or bad experiences?  Wheels need to be strong - my oversize weight would probably kill a super lightweight wheel.
Simon Moore

Tuesday May 1 Ride

Anybody else have Tuesday May 1 off?
Planning a longer ride leaving from TAS at 6:30.  Up Helens, down Helens backside, then either up Jinshan or 101 depending on weather/wind/energy/etc.  As most of our fast racing teachers will be working, pace will be slower and we will regroup on top of Helens, Wanli, Jinshan, etc.  Come out for all or part? 
Can meet people at National Palace Museum if easier.
How has the racing been?  Any race report from last weekend?
Bill/Craig, can you forward this to your invite list?
Simon Moore

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Race Results and Weekend Riding

I've been waiting to post a race report until official times and photos were available, but I haven't found anything yet. So... despite the rain, Rock, Leon, Craig, Curt, Chris, Mike and I made it out Sunday morning for the Elspeth's Hill Climb.

Mike was off in the first group and finished first (again!). He demolished the field, finishing a full minute quicker than anyone else and posting the 4th fastest age group time of the day (a few youngsters were a little quicker).

In the 30 year old category, Rock came in 5th with Chris taking the Canadian Cup over Curt (at least for this round).

Leon passed Craig and I near the top in the elite race to finish with the quickest time of us all and 7th place overall. There were definitely some quick riders out there.

Weekend Riding

I'm out for the 5 am Bryson ride tomorrow morning, and then Leon, Rock, Mike and I are doing a Sanjr spin on Saturday at 3 pm (update: we are departing at 3:30 now- blame Rock!). We'll meet at TAS. If you're interested in an early morning ride Saturday, the Bryson ride is departing at 5 am, back by 9:30ish.

I'd like to get out for a short spin Sunday morning, but I don't have anything solidified yet.

Anyone else have plans?


Friday, April 06, 2007

Weekend Riding

As long as the weather doesn't deteriorate much more, Leon and I are meeting up at TAS at 6 am Saturday for a steady ride out to Jinshan and back.

There's another 4 km hill climb race up Elspeth's Hill (rifle range) Sunday at 9 am. The race start is on the bridge on the right half a kilometer past the National Palace Museum. You can register on the morning of the race- just plan on getting there before 8:30. The race is Round 3 of the Canadian Cup- should be a fun one!