Friday, October 27, 2006

December 10th Challenge, Club Jersey, Hill Climb & Weekend Rides

December 10th Challenge Ride

More information has come out about the Yangmingshan Challenge. It will be held on December 10th, not November 25th.

The rumor of 120 km is also false. As you can see from the map and elevation above, the total distance will actually be 74.7km with four climbs (800m (Yangmingshan Saddle), 400m (North Coast Race finish line), 600m (Helen's Saddle), and 750m (Buffalo Meadows)). The ride begins at the bottom of Yangmingshan in Shih Lin, and ends up near Buffalo Meadows. There will be three rest stops, each at the top of a climb. The time limit is 7 hours.

More information (in Chinese) and the application form is available at this website.

Club Jerseys

The ball is getting rolling again for Yangmingshan Cycling Club jerseys. The Challenge organizers have asked that riders where club kit if possible. I'm not sure if we can get an order together in time, but below is a design we were playing with a few years ago. We were thinking of using characters for Yangmingshan Cycling Club and maybe slipping the characters for Jyaiyo on there somewhere. There has also been talk of putting on the sillouette of the Yangmingshan mountain range..

Other color schemes are available here. If you have any design talent or contacts, let me know if you'd like to help out with this project.

November 12th Hill Climb

Yes, it is the Terry Fox Run day, but the race up Elspeth's Hill is a great one. Registration is only 100 NT at Sean's shop, and the 4 km will be over in a flash (well, under 20 minutes, anyway). Rumor has it that Big Dave and Brent may show in the mountain bike category, and Leon, Duffy, and I are pre-registered for the road bike category.

It's a terrific first competition if you've never done a bike race- low key and fun...

Weekend Rides

I'm hoping the weather will cooperate for some good morning rides this weekend. Leon and I are meeting tomorrow morning at TAS at 6 am. We're picking up Peter on the way to the Satellites, and then we're doing the first two thirds of the December Challenge ride. I aim to be home by 9:30- it's the International Food Fair at TAS!

I'm meeting at 7 am on Sunday for the weekly Helen's Coffee ride. I'll pick up Peter and the Flying Dutchman on the way. Anyone is welcome to join. Back to Tien Mu by 9:30ish.

See you out in the hills!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Duathalon Results

This past Saturday, Craig drove Rock and I out to Shuangxi for a 5 km run - 40 km cycle - 5 km run duathalon. The run went out into the rolling farmland behind the local school, while the cycle was fairly flat, following the river. Over 300 competitors were pre-registered.

Rock starts in the middle of the pack but quickly powers to the front.

Craig leads Shane into the corner.

The local elite runners pushed the pace early on, but Craig powered back on the ride. He and Shane eventually teamed up to put time on the rest of the field. Unfortunately for Craig, he and Shane finished the bike leg together which meant that he would have to settle for 2nd overall. Not a bad result for a training race!

Rock had been pretending that he was out of shape, but his very strong 25th place finish, 5th in the M35 category proved that he is well on his way back into form.

Tom also finished well in the M20 competition, taking 3rd for Team Columbus. I was very happy to finish without walking and to pick up a few points in the M30 category.


Age Category

Craig tops the M20 podium.

Rock competes against race winner Shane in M35.

The prize giveaways at the end of the race (we picked up a coffee mug, a headband and a 10-speed chain!) and the great feed (noodles, chicken curry on rice, fried sweet potato and more!) made for a terrific event. Even as a non-runner, I would highly recommend participating next year.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rides for the Week

What a beautiful weekend! Perfect riding. I'll post a report of the duathalon as soon as I have a photo or two.

I'm planning on joining Bill's 5 am TAS ride Wednesday and Friday morning. I'm hoping for a mellow ride Tuesday morning (maybe 5:15ish) and maybe a bit more of a push Thursday morning. Let me know if you're interested in joining me.

I'll be heading out with Peter and Lucas and Leon on Saturday morning or afternoon. This morning's Helen's ride with Wally, Mick, Kaight, Curt and Chris was so enjoyable that I think I'll do it again next Sunday- TAS at 7 am with a coffee on the mountain.

Hope to see you out there!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Gorgeous Riding and A Few Targets...

October riding in the Taipei mountains- it doesn't get much better than this... I've been enjoying the early morning Bryson rides (5 am at TAS on Wednesdays and Fridays). It's hard not to ride every day- I have to force myself to take a rest day!

Rock and I are joining Craig and Melissa out in Shuangxi tomorrow morning for a 5-40-5 km duathalon. I registered under the mistaken impression that Rock could do the running legs and I could ride. As I haven't run since 1999, this should be an interesting event...

If my legs aren't toast, I'd like to do Helen's Sunday morning. 7 am at TAS followed by a coffee at the top? Curt, Chris, Dave and I had a very nice time up there last weekend.

I can't imagine that anyone is having trouble finding the motivation to ride with the weather as perfect as this, but there are some events coming up in November that you may want to consider:

Saturday, November 11th:

There is a 50 km road race somewhere in Taipei County. I don't know much about it, but I will post more information when I find out.

Sunday, November 12th:

Elspeth's Hill Climb. This 4 km gradual climb is a perfect first race. I believe Leon, Dave, and Reedus all cut their racing teeth here. The course is on the Google Earth file linked at right- it's just past the National Palace Museum. There are road bike and mountain bike races and age categories. It is a very relaxed event. Registration is 100 NT- money goes to Sean at the bike shop. Race day registration is usually allowed but costs a bit more.

Saturday, November 18th:

Ali Shan Race.

This is the final event in the club championship series. Registration is 500 NT and closes October 25th. An application is available at

Leon and I will be heading down Friday evening. We're in the process of looking for a hotel- if you know a good one, let us know!

Saturday, November 25th:

120 km Yangmingshan Challenge. Start at base of Satellites. Climb to Buffalo Meadows. Descend to Jinshan. Ride over to last March's North Coast Race finish and climb to Helen's. Descend to Satellites. Climb to Buffalo Meadows. Collapse.

I'm not quite sure how this event will run. It's not a race, but I've been told that all riders get a card that they punch along the way to keep track of their times.

I turn 35 on Friday- should be a great ride.

I'll post more information as I get it.

Have a great weekend out there in the hills!


Friday, October 13, 2006

Lenses for APEX glasses

In the off chance that someone has APEX glasses and would like a case with 3 extra new lenses(3 standard colors), they're yours.

Weekend Riding & Last Weekend's Rides...

I'm meeting Leon, Rock and Chris tomorrow at 1:30 pm at TAS. Leon and I are planning on riding to Jinshan and then climbing up from there. Rock and Chris are planning on turning off at the 101.

I'd like to do Helen's Sunday morning. I'll meet at TAS at 7 am unless something changes between now and then (in which case I'll post a comment here).

Last weekend was a blast:

Saturday's spin up the 101 with Ron and Curt was great. Leon, Craig and Simon pushed the pace for the first bit before they continued on to Jinshan. The ride was a good warm-up for the Sunday epic into the New Territories with Craig, Curt and Lucas.

Craig was kind enough to meet at 6:15 on Sunday to drive us out to pick up Lucas. We drove over the mountain and parked on the other side of the city. Our first climb was the same one Leon and Steve and I took with Lucas last spring. At our food stop, a woman asked if we were missionaries. Lucas swears that's never happened to him in his life. Never.

We took a new climb up a beautiful and traffic-less road where Lucas took advantage of local knowledge to smoke us to the top. We dipped down into the valley and made our way over to last spring's epic climb up through the tea terraces. We finished with the climb back up the first mountain. Although the mileage wasn't that high, four big climbs made for a tired Sunday evening.

Leon and I blasted out along the coast Tuesday afternoon in Reedus fashion. We arrived in Wanli in 1:54, meeting Lucas and Tony at precisely 3 pm. The climb up to Helen's was beautiful and peaceful although tiring.

Looking forward to even more riding in those hills!


Friday, October 06, 2006

10-10 Riding Plans

Ok... My weekend has officially begun!

I believe Bill B. headed out for his 100k ride this morning. I'm not sure of his plans for the weekend- maybe he could add a comment to this note?

As far as I know, Brenda's regular ride is going off tomorrow at 7 am. Here are a couple of photos from recent rides:

I've also seen that Simon and Craig are departing TAS at 7 am Saturday for a coastal push. I think I may join them for the start and then do the 101 climb.

I'm meeting Craig and Curt at TAS at 6:15 am Sunday morning to drive over to meet Lucas for some riding in the New Territories. It should be an epic day- let me know if you'd like to come along with us.

I will ride for a couple hours on Monday and Tuesday- I am open to morning or afternoon rides- let me know if you'd like to plan something. I will add a comment to this post when I decide on something definite.

And, finally, if you'd like to join Alex as he finishes his 5 day, 1000 km charity ride, you can give him a call on his cell (see his comment on the last post for the number). He will be heading into Taipei from Taichung to be at Carnegie's by 5 pm.

Hope to see you out!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Riding on 10-10 Weekend?

TAS teachers have Monday and Tuesday off (but not Friday). I've been discussing weekend rides with Leon and Lucas. We're thinking of a longer ride in the New Territories on Sunday. I don't have plans for Monday and Tuesday yet. I know Craig is planning long rides each day.

Got ideas for some rides? Post them in a comment to this message and I'll post some finalized riding routes by Friday.