Saturday, January 19, 2008

RIDES - and how to join us

Since someone just asked, it's probably a good time to let folks know how to get with one of the many rides each week. Here is a rough idea of what goes on, whom to contact, etc.
There is a very regular group that rides Tues, Thurs, and Sat. The Tues/Thurs rides are religiously at 5am - we're back at TAS by 6:30am - and we leave from TAS (just about every ride meets at TAS). Sat. am has been at 5am - but there is a group of us now starting the 6am rides as well. Bill Bryson will add you to his sms emails - he texts us his intentions(rain-out, out of town, etc. - but most of the time he just says, "see you there, I'm riding"). This is nice because we all then know at least one other person will be there. If you'd like him to add you to his sms list, email him at
There are other rides as well - and things change. The best thing to do is send me an email and I'll add you to my "regular riders" list - whenever a small group of us is thinking of riding, I try to send that out to everyone - along with other misc emails about race dates and such. Most of the rides are arranged with a few emails. My name is Dave and my email is
There are other groups that ride - the rides I've been talking about so far are roadies with racing/road bikes. If you're more interested in riding the paths here in N. Taiwan, I would talk with Brenda at she rides with folks both on the paths and up into the mtns. There is another group of "ladies only" - they don't require you're female - but if you want to ride with them, let me know and I'll connect you to them - they often ride some flats and then finish with some climbing about half way up YangMingShan mtn - where there happens to be a Starbucks!

In short, there is a lot of riding that goes on. I haven't listed everything here. Start by contacting me - join for a ride or two - ask a few folks and before you know it you'll find what suits you. You'll also find that some of us are triathletes - if that's your thing.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the rainy season! god bless whoever invented rollers. only managed one ride with y'all. any news on rides during the CNY holidays? tues/thurs = yangmingshan, sat = coast?

-chris l

TaipeiDave said...

on 2/2 (this Sat.) we're headed out at 6am - should be moderate pace with some pushes along the way to JinShan - how we return is not yet known - we'll decide on the way - over back of Helen's or up to YangMingShan saddle - i won't return flat unless the weather is real bad up high. as far as during the week M-F - you'll have to email the list and ask - i think many of us are gone.

Anonymous said...

New in town. Where's TAS?

Edson said...

Thats nice, I live in Danshuei and always ride alone because the time I ride is completely opposite of others, 6 am I have never tried to ride that early, but that wouldnt be a problem, I just worry not to keep up with the group, I am regular guy 40 something, it takes me 2 hours to ride from Danshuei to near Keelung town, and about one hour, 15 minutes to climb from Danshuei to Datun mountain top, based on this can anybody introduce me to a group?, male, female it doesn't matter, I am just bored to ride always alone.
thanks Edson.